How To Select The Right Countertop For You

If you are planning on getting new countertops you may be thinking in pattern, shape, and color but there’s something you need to take into account and it’s the material they are made from. There are three main materials:


This is a natural product and enjoys high durability and low maintenance as it’s not an absorbent material, which is good for cooking and sanitation. Quartz countertops can be great for exclusive looks but there may be some wear and discoloration.


This is another natural product that is mined globally. This is porous and may need sealant after 15 years of use. Granite countertops may vary from glossy to matte finishes. This material is perfect for houses that have a natural stone style and requires low maintenance.


This is a natural stone material. Marble kitchen countertops are more absorbent than other materials, so they require more maintenance. We recommend the countertop store Lincoln Kitchen Design to get the highest quality and a range of glossy and mate options.