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Our kitchen countertops from Chicago have the power to transform your space into any kitchen style you want it to be. Through precise measurements, we can design and build the perfect fit for your kitchen.

We have many countertops materials to offer. Choose your preferred finish and pattern from our quartz countertops, granite countertops, and marble countertops Chicago. Each one has its own advantages to boast, so you can enjoy your kitchen even further and have a beautiful custom-made countertop for all your mouthwatering and scrumptious dishes made from the heart.

Our quartz, marble, and granite countertops Chicago can also be utilized with simple kitchen decors and elegant flower arrangements. Contact us to arrange an appointment with our expert designers.

See Types Of Countertops Chicago That LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio Has To Offer

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countertops marble Chicago

Granite Countertops Chicago

Granite is widely known for its usefulness and durability in the kitchen and bathroom, and it is a very popular choice among homeowners looking for countertops Chicago. Whether you want to have granite in the bathroom or you love granite kitchen countertops Chicago, you can expect a very strong material, custom-cut to fit your space from a unique slab of solid granite. That will give you a fresh, regal look on your counter space that can endure through all kinds of difficult situations and will always remain in fashion no matter what the trend of the day might be.

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light quartz countertops Chicago

Quartz Countertops Chicago

Quartz countertops Chicago are not new. They are not naturally produced like granite or marble, but they are fabricated to the same beautiful designs and durability standards. Quartz kitchen countertops Chicago provide a very solid surface that can withstand just about anything. Plus, you can create the color and pattern you like so that your kitchen can turn out exactly the way you want it. This is an option that is quickly becoming a top choice for many homeowners, so LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio carries a great selection of quartz countertops Chicago for you to choose from.

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marble countertops Chicago

Marble Countertops Chicago

There is no finer way to give your home a huge style boost while adding tremendous elegance than with marble countertops Chicago. Your marble kitchen countertops near me Chicago offer exceptional versatility to create culinary masterpieces, a unique design feature for the space that you may only otherwise find in a high-class restaurant, and a focal point for your entire kitchen that you can be proud of. LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio has a wonderful selection of marble countertops Chicago that can make your kitchen stand out while also matching any kitchen décor you have.


Walk-In Showroom in Chicago

We have a beautiful walk-in showroom for your kitchen countertops near me Chicago. Visit our gallery and get to know our huge collection of designs ranging from traditional to modern styles that will surely be attractive. We also do custom countertops Chicago for extra spice!

Expertise in Kitchen Countertops Service

We have so many design options for you. Our contractors can take anything you throw at them when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for you. Our contractors understand what you require regarding good design, functional layout, and everyday comfort. Call our designers today!

Years Of Experience in Kitchen Countertops Service

We are in the business of kitchen designing, including kitchen countertops near me Chicago. For many years, our expertise has been reflected in our services. Not only do we have excellent craftsmanship of kitchen components, but our seasoned designers also maintain the best customer relations possible.

Affordable Pricing

Our professional contractors for kitchen designing can help you get the perfect quartz countertop Chicago. We provide you with the best design and materials for your kitchen considering your budget, so you can be sure to get a good value for money. Call us!

Free Consultation

Planning on your next kitchen remodel? We are here to help you with that. We take time to discuss with you your requirements on your aesthetics and functionality with kitchen countertops Chicago and help you come up with a solution for your kitchen needs.

Professional Contractors

Our professional kitchen designers are the best when it comes to providing you with the design of your choice. They will always keep into account your needs and work through the project meticulously. From granite countertops to marble countertops Chicago, we got you covered!

What Makes Quartz Countertops Chicago
the Right Choice for Your Home

Exceptional Strength

The outstanding strength and durability of raw quartz are evident in every slab. Quartz countertops Chicago are fabricated to be the hardest stone surfaces, created from very tough naturally occurring minerals.  

Desired By Professionals

At Lincoln Kitchen Studio, you will find incredible quality quartz countertops in Chicago that are not only ideal for commercial and residential kitchen countertop applications, but they are the countertops of choice among architects, builders, and designers in the business around the globe.  

Kitchen Design

Quartz kitchen countertops Chicago are symbols of creative home design. The versatility of quartz allows for great flexibility in the design to achieve timeless aesthetics with incredible durability in almost unlimited patterns, finishes, and colors. 


Constructed in strictly controlled manufacturing environments, quartz countertops meet even the tightest safety standards. Our countertops Chicago offers everything you need on a solid surface, as they are nonporous, non-toxic, and require no maintenance like sealants or wax to achieve the highest hygiene standards. 


Adds Value to Your Kitchen
In the realm of granite countertops for residences in Chicago, there's nothing quite like them to impart a highly esteemed interior touch and infuse modern style into contemporary homes. Those who choose this material for their kitchen countertops near me Chicago properties can effortlessly achieve a stunning look that is unrivaled, elevating both style and the intrinsic value of their homes.
Reduces Bacteria and Dirt
When it comes to materials employed in the construction of new builds and modern residences, granite countertops are extensively utilized in Chicago. They emerge as the preferred choice for kitchen countertops, thanks to their exceptional resistance to dirt and their complete intolerance to bacteria, making them ideal for kitchen surfaces.
Provides Heat Resistance
In contrast to less durable surfaces, having granite countertops in your Chicago home allows you to confidently place hot pots and pans on them without any concerns. Granite countertops exhibit significant heat resistance, ensuring no marks, no stains, and no issues with these kitchen surfaces.
Repairable Surface
Opting for one of our granite countertops in your Chicago residence comes with the added advantage of a repairable surface, alleviating concerns about maintenance. Our selection of kitchen countertops near me Chicago is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to breakage.