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Stylish kitchen tiles Chicago

When carefully designed to address your storage needs while blending in perfectly to the rest of your kitchen, custom kitchen cabinets from Chicago could might as well be the best feature in your kitchen.

With the exact measurements jotted down and a feasible design in mind, we can help you achieve the kitchen storage cabinets in Chicago to put ease into your pantry needs. No need to extend your countertop or build a makeshift storage to create an extra (but often cluttered) space for your pots and pans. Our team of expert cabinet makers Chicago is trusted in the area. Whether your existing kitchen showcases a standard or bold style, our kitchen cabinet designer Chicago & cabinet maker Chicago aim to please.

Some of our most chosen services when it comes to custom cabinets Chicago include: kitchen storage cabinets Chicago, kitchen cabinet design Chicago, custom kitchen cabinets near me Chicago, cabinet design Chicago, and many more!

The Benefits Of Going With Custom Kitchen Cabinets Chicago From LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio

Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, this is a space that should give you that WOW factor. And it all starts with your kitchen cabinets Chicago. There are several reasons why you should visit LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio to find the perfect style and color before making your final decision about your custom cabinets Chicago:

A Stunning and Unique Look of Kitchen Cabinets Chicago

There is nothing like the look and feel of custom kitchen cabinets near me Chicago to give you that truly spectacular kitchen you’re looking for. Because they are custom, they fit perfectly.

Functionality of Custom Cabinets Chicago

In taking on your custom kitchen cabinet design Chicago, LINCOLN Kitchen Design Studio can produce the cabinets to your specifications. That means you receive all the space you want, in the way you want to use it. Your kitchen will work entirely for you.

Quality from Your Cabinet Maker Chicago

You can count on exceptional quality and durability from your new custom cabinets Chicago. The higher quality materials and hardware will allow your cabinets to function better and last longer.


Walk-In Showroom in Chicago

Visit our company showroom and get inspired by our display of different kitchen cabinets Chicago. You will have so much to choose from. We have plenty of styles to choose like modern and traditional designs for all sorts of kitchens. We got you covered!

Expertise in Kitchen Cabinets Service

We know how to deliver the best cabinet design Chicago. We take into account both aesthetics and functionality equally. We will help you decide on the design that suits you best and follow your specific standards for your practical daily use. Inquire with us.

Years Of Experience in Kitchen Cabinets Service

We are the best there is when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Chicago. Customers get fully customizable design options, like a sleek kitchen cabinet design Chicago. We serve you with incredible craftsmanship, offer the best designs, and give you the best customer service.

Affordable Pricing

When you take our service, you do not need to worry about our pricing. Our expert kitchen design contractors will inform you of affordable options and consult with you on your budget to give you the best price for custom cabinets Chicago. Consult us!

Free Consultation

When getting started with a new project, we can help discuss what you are looking for. We will talk about specific custom kitchen cabinets near me Chicago and help you reach a solution to your kitchen remodeling project. Get in touch with our kitchen cabinet designer.

Professional Contractors

We have expert cabinet makers Chicago to help you out. They are excellent contractors that know their job well and will help you get what you want. Our contractors have a very meticulous approach from measuring your whole kitchen to delivering the finished project.

A Variety of Styles for Kitchen Cabinets Near Me Chicago



The shaker is the most common type of kitchen cabinet design Chicago. This style is constructed from five flat-panel pieces, four of which are for the frame and a single flat centerpiece to complete the cabinet door. It is a simple and classic design that can work in a traditional kitchen or a contemporary one.



Louvered kitchen storage cabinets in Chicago feature horizontal wooden slats, but they tend to be a little more expensive. This design is usually found on windows, furniture, and interior doors, making louvered kitchen cabinets Chicago somewhat unique.

Flat-Panel Cabinetry

Flat-Panel Cabinetry

Also referred to as “slab” cabinets, a flat-panel kitchen cabinet design Chicago offers simplicity but plenty of styles. They feature straight lines with a minimalist form, so it is meant to leave out any costly details. This is ideal for contemporary or modern kitchens.



As the name suggests, inset-style kitchen cabinets Chicago are constructed with an inset door inside the cabinet frame rather than on the outside, as is the case with typical kitchen cabinetry. Each piece is designed and constructed with incredible precision to ensure the wood is securely within the frame and functions properly.



Beadboard cabinetry features rows of vertical planks that are indented with ridges that are referred to as “beads” between every plank. This offers a dynamic look that cannot be recreated by some of the other styles, like flat-panel kitchen cabinets. The beads give texture to the doors that a kitchen cabinet designer Chicago might recommend for a country kitchen style.