Child-Safe Kitchen Remodeling

Having child-safe kitchens is a necessity for anyone with children, no matter how well you think you’ve put potentially dangerous items away, they will find something! So if you are planning a kitchen remodel, design improvements for keeping children safe should be incorporated as standard. Here are some design suggestions for a child-safe kitchen.

  • Shelving Height – The shelves and cabinets need to be set to a height that smaller children cannot reach, although it is a good idea to have some shelves at a lower height than you can put their utensils and their dishes, so they can begin to help as they grow older and want to be more independent.
  • Appliance Safety – Appliances that you install need to be at a certain height and fixed in place so that they cannot move or be tipped over. Make sure you put child-proof catches on any appliances with doors like: washer-dryers and refrigerators. Wider countertops stop children from reaching the back, where there may be knives or other hazardous items.
  • Flooring Options – Small children fall down all the time! Slippery tiles or shiny wooden flooring are not the best choices for flooring materials. There is economic vinyl flooring available that looks just as great as these more expensive materials. However, if your mind is set, you can purchase non-slip mats that can be fixed to the floor.